Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Membership in the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UNM allows adults 50 and better to choose from a diverse set of thought-provoking courses taught year round by current and emeritus University of New Mexico faculty members and renowned experts from the local community. The emphasis of the academically-based, daytime, evening and weekend courses is on building an accessible and affordable experience of the best of the University's learning environment.

There are no entrance requirements, no tests, and no grades. In fact, no college background is needed at all — it's your love of learning that counts.

Membership only costs $20 and is good now through - December 2020.

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Member Benefits

  • Access to all upcoming OLLI lectures and courses.
  • Free members-only vvents throughout the year including free monthly lectures and movie nights.
  • Free book and materials check out at the four main campus libraries ($35 value)
  • A discount to Amore Neapolitan Pizzeria, Albuquerque's first and only certifiably authentic, hand-crafted, wood-fired Neapolitan pizza.
  • 10% discount on all Personal Enrichment courses through UNM Continuing Education.
  • Discounts at many Popejoy and all Keller Hall events
  • Discount for Albuquerque International Association(AIA) Lectures.
  • Discounts on membership at YMCA of Central New Mexico

Membership Fee

The membership fee is to help support the program and is a requirement of all lifelong learning programs supported by the Bernard Osher Foundation. Fees vary among university sites. Our annual membership is $20. The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute is a non-profit, member-based organization.

Who Can Join?

Those who know that life is best enjoyed through learning become Osher members. OLLI is geared toward individuals aged 50 and better. There is no age limit! Whether you are working, retired or semi-retired, you can be a part of OLLI at UNM. You do not need college experience, only a desire to learn and be a part of the Osher community.

OLLI Instructors

OLLI at UNM Continuing Education offers education and training from the most talented, experienced and dedicated instructors, and just like our students, a love for learning brings them here! View OLLI instructors here.

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19017 - Free OLLI Member Events
19134 - A celebration of three Jewish-American songwriters: Irving Berlin, Paul Simon and Carole King
19211 - Hate Crimes in the US and New Mexico
19282 - A Brief History of Social Justice & Nonviolent Action Movements
19285 - What Does it Take to Change the World? Social Justice & Nonviolent Action
19298 - An Exploration of History and Human Rights in Palestine and Israel: 1890-Present
19355 - Savvy Cybersecurity
19371 - Savvy Social Security for Boomers
19372 - Savvy Medicare Planning for Baby Boomers
19405 - A Military History of the Civil War
19406 - The Fourth Horseman: A History of Epidemics?
19407 - Constructing Paris, 1595-1775
19408 - Early Modern European Cities: Amsterdam in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
19420 - A Realistic Look Back at Apollo
19428 - Remember the Ladies: Women Who Championed Civil Rights
19445 - Celts & Vikings: How did they Mix?
19454 - Poisoners throughout History
19462 - Knights Templar, Gothic Cathedrals and the Grail
19480 - Medieval France
19487 - The Powerful History of Southwest France
19488 - The Minoans and the People of the Sea
19490 - Anthropological Genetic History: The Normans & William the Conqueror
19493 - Ötzi: The 5,000 Year Old Iceman of the Alps through DNA
19494 - Anthropological Genetic History: The Lombard Connection to Italian Families
19496 - The Saxons Connection to the Founding Fathers
19497 - The Plague: Survivors, Descendants, and the Impact on the Iberian Peninsula, Part I Live Online
19498 - From Heretic to National Hero: Jan Hus and the Hussite Wars Live Online
19499 - Anthropological Genetic History: The Plague: Survivors, Descendants, and the Impact on the Iberian P
19501 - Microsoft Word Tools for the Writer
19503 - Writing and Being - Taking Back the Gift of Language
19504 - Self-Publishing: Getting your Work Out There!
19512 - The Joy of Poetry
19517 - Greek Plus Latin Equals English… Who Knew? Part Two
19518 - Mary Shelley: Not Only the Author of Frankenstein
19519 - Writing Effective Scenes
19524 - Euro Crime Fiction Reading Group
19526 - The Poetry of Jimmie Santiago Baca
19534 - Shakespeare and His Sonnets
19551 - Jane Austin Revisited Live Online
19556 - Writing True: Memoir and Memoir-Based Fiction
19584 - Fiction Writing
19589 - Writing Time; Writing Place - A Memoir Workshop
19591 - Writing Memoir
19592 - Reading for Writers
19598 - Blogging Your Way to Writing Success
19602 - Rock and Roll and Social Justice
19615 - Communist China Illuminated by Cinema
19618 - Christmas Music of Earlier Times
19629 - Brazilian History Through Music Live Online
19687 - Life of Beethoven
19706 - Mars and Venus in Space: Gender Differences in Space Travel
19714 - Testing Your DNA
19715 - Understanding DNA Results and What They Mean For You
19720 - An overview of Science in the Garden
19727 - The History of Geology
19730 - Geology of Valley of Fires and White Sands
19747 - Genetic Ancestry DNA Testing and Fighting Crime
19765 - Microbes that Changed History
19768 - Geology of the Sandia Mountains and Rio Grande Rift
19786 - Geology of the National Parks
19795 - Great Extinction Events Over Earth's History
19802 - Social Influence and Persuasion
19807 - Celtic Animals of Myth and History
19808 - An Introduction to Philosophy
19811 - The Case for Reincarnation
19813 - Buddhism
19819 - The Science of Love
19825 - The Wisdom of Greek Mythology
19829 - The Lost Tomb of Jesus
19851 - Why Do We Have the Personalities We Do?
19865 - NeuroNutrition: Change Your Brain, Overcome Anxiety, Depression & ADHD
19871 - NeuroNutrition: Change Your Brain, Change Your Weight
19872 - Introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP): Subtle, Sensitive and Sophisticated
19874 - Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP):  The NLP Meta-Model
19878 - What Enables Us to be Resilient? Live Online
19879 - Flourishing in these Challenging Times
19895 - Grow Laughter: Foster a Sense of Humor in Your Grandchildren Live Online
19897 - Nourishing the Stories of Children Live Online
19913 - Using DNA Matches to Build Your Family Tree
19915 - History of Italian Cuisine
19916 - The History of Roman Cuisine Live Online
19952 - Will We Be Free-Live Online
19964 - The History of Toilet Paper: A Story That Begins at the END! Live Online
19975 - DNA and New Mexico History
19983 - The Ancient Astronaut Theory & its Connection to Science Fiction
19985 - El Cid - Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar & New Mexico Families