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The Vandals were an East Germanic Tribe that entered the late Roman Empire during the 5th century AD. The Vandals were divided in two tribal groups, the Silingi and the Hasdingi. During the Emperor Valens's reign (364–78) the Vandals accepted Arianism, a belief that was in opposition to that of the Nicene orthodoxy of the Roman Empire. Around 400 AD, under king Godigisel, the Vandals, along with their allies (the Sarmatian Alans and Germanic Suebians) moved westwards into Roman territory. Some of the Silingi joined them later, while the Hasdingi had already been Christianized. We’ll explore the connection between certain New Mexican families and the Vandals. A short film will be shown and we’ll discuss which families show the markers that are most identified with this ancient civilization.
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4:00PM to 6:00PM
Aug 09, 2024
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