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The legends of Atlantis and Tartessos have captivated humanity over the millennia.  Are there stories really the legend of one common civilization and not two?  We will examine their legends and perhaps find a connection to the ancient civilization of the Celts.  Columbus sought Atlantis and discovered the Americas instead.  The British investigated the Azores and the Nazis combed the coast of Norway in the hopes of tracing its secrets.  And the quest for truth continues in modern times.  Using Plato's description of Atlantis to identify the distinguishing characteristics of the city, three teams of archeologists set out to either support or debunk whether these ancient locations may actually meet the criteria needed to prove the legendary lost city was an actual place and not merely a figment of ancient imaginations.  Could some dusty ruins and a gigantic marsh in southern Spain really signal the final resting place of this once-mighty civilization?
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