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Economics plays a central role in the functioning of every aspect of society. This course will address a set of prominent policy issues where economics is at their core. We'll focus on the topic of economic inequality, with lectures on the US Economy, Economic Inequality, the Black-White Wealth Gap, and Economic Mobility. We will explore these topics and their origins as policy matters, the underlying data and evidence, and what policy levers are available to deal with them. Classes will consist of a series of lectures and discussion, each taught by a subject matter expert – all of whom are doctoral level economists and specialists in their fields. 

The National Economic Education Delegation (NEED) is an organization with the vision being that one day, the public discussion of policy issues will be grounded in an accurate perception of the underlying economic principles and data. NEED unites the skills and knowledge of a vast network of professional economists to promote a nonpartisan understanding of the economics of policy issues in the United States. We provide speakers for forums of all sorts on a variety of important economic policy topics. We provide data, an understanding of how economists think about the issue, and discuss a variety of economic policy responses. Our organization is joined by more than 700 economists, including Janet Yellen, the current Secretary of the Treasury, Nobel Prize winners, and academics from all across the country. Our mission is to develop an informed electorate with the hopes of pressuring politicians to work toward solutions to economic policy matters that are efficient, equitable, and sensible.

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