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In this class we will take a “space trip” throughout our solar system and beyond. We will start with our Earth and Moon and their geology so as to compare these two planetary bodies with the other planets and their moons. We will visit Mercury, Venus, Mars, asteroid belt, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus Neptune, and Pluto (with the all-new NASA information). Then we continue outward to the Kuiper Belt and region of the comets until we reach interplanetary space. Finally, we will travel outside of our solar system to explore exoplanets revolving around other stars. Most important, we will cover the origins of our solar system and why our planet Earth is so unique. We will also take two field trips: one trip to the New Mexico Museum of Natural History to view real-time images coming in from the planet Mars, and another trip to the newly renovated Meteorite Museum at the UNM Geology Department.

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Planetary Geology Live Online
Live Online
10:00AM to 12:00PM
Feb 10, 2021 to Mar 24, 2021
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