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Why is it assumed George Washington had wooden teeth when actually they were made of ivory? Because he was fond of port wine which stained his dentures.  You’d drink too if you wore dentures from the 1700s.  What president was saved from a deadly cannon ball by his son-in-law’s singing?  Which presidential spouse used ferrets to control the rats in the White House?  And what president appears on the $100,000 bill which is illegal for Americans to own? American presidents – good, bad, and indifferent - become distant figures in history books, but they actually are humans with all the peculiarities of the human race.  Join us to learn just how human they are.  While you expand your presidential knowledge, learn of the president who expanded his girth so much that he became stuck in a White House bathtub.
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1:00PM to 3:00PM
Oct 29, 2024
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