Course Overview

Back End Software Developers are in charge of building applications that do the behind-the-scenes work. This typically involves receiving requests from a Front End application, processing the request, reading and writing to a database, and responding back to requests from other applications.

In this 18-week, Back End Software Development program, students take three courses to learn the skills and technologies necessary to enter the industry as a Back End Software Developer: Introduction to Java, Relational Databases with MySQL, and Web API Design with Spring Boot.

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What You'll Learn

Skills and technologies learned will include Java 1.8, Algorithms, OOP, Design Patterns, Unit Testing, SQL, DDL, DML, Database Concepts, JDBC, Spring Boot, Spring Data, REST, JPA, JWT, AWS, and more.


Pass cognitive ability assessment.



"Promineo Tech has done such an incredible job teaching me and giving me the tools to learn endlessly. I feel ready and eager to enter the world of a #developerlife by using my new abilities to code with #java, #mysql, and #springboot." 

-Caleb G.


"I'm fortunate that in my Backend Coding Bootcamp from Promineo Tech there are many ways to ask questions and get pointers in the right direction. #programmingisfun"

-Lisa S.

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Back End Coding Bootcamp Live Online
Partner Affiliate Live Online
7:00PM to 8:30PM
Nov 17, 2021 to Apr 06, 2022
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  • Promineo Tech
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Live Online  
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Fee non-credit $3,590.00
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Nov 14, 2021
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Nov 14, 2021
  • Nick Barraclough
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