Course Overview

Our "Cannabis Product Development and Design" program is a comprehensive exploration of the cannabis industry, offering a multidisciplinary approach that covers key areas such as extraction, product development, and design. This program provides learners with a well-rounded understanding of the cannabis genus and its diverse applications throughout history, culture, and industry.

In the first course "Cannabis 101," students begin by building a strong foundation in cannabis science. They explore the medicinal uses of cannabis, examine the biochemistry of phytocannabinoids and endocannabinoids, and learn about the differences between indoor and outdoor cultivation. Additionally, they delve into cannabis botany and phylogenetics. This program segment also introduces learners to industry-specific sectors, including the complexities of Cannabis Enterprise, the intricacies of Cannabis Law & Policy, and the evolving landscape of Cannabis Medicine & Healthcare.

The "Cannabis Product Development and Design I" begins by focusing on industry terminology and the fundamental process of decarboxylation, establishing a strong foundation in cannabis-specific language and scientific principles for product formulation. The course explores cannabis processing and manufacturing, dissecting industry segments and addressing current challenges and opportunities. It also emphasizes the significance of phenotype hunting in strain selection and provides an overview of cannabis extracts, including extraction methods and cannabinoid distribution within the plant.

In "Cannabis Product Development and Design II," students further their expertise in cannabis product development and design. The program includes in-depth exploration of cannabis-infused liquids, topical applications, edibles, nanoemulsions, and the regulatory aspects of packaging and labeling. Learners gain a profound understanding of the intricate balance between compliance and branding, ensuring they are equipped to excel in the dynamic cannabis industry.

This program equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the evolving cannabis industry, making it an invaluable resource for those seeking a comprehensive education in this dynamic field.

What You'll Learn

Outcome 1: Establish a Foundational Understanding

Upon completing the "Cannabis 101" course, learners will be able to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the cannabis genus, its historical and cultural significance, and its multifaceted applications across different industries. They will trace the biochemistry of phytocannabinoids and endocannabinoids, differentiating between indoor and outdoor cultivation methods. Additionally, learners will comprehend the fundamentals of cannabis botany and phylogenetics, forming the groundwork for further exploration in the cannabis industry.

Outcome 2: Navigate the Cannabis Industry Landscape

After finishing "Cannabis Product Development and Design I," students will have the ability to navigate the cannabis industry landscape with confidence. They will be proficient in industry-specific terminology, emphasizing standardized language and scientific principles governing product formulation. Learners will also gain insights into cannabis processing and product development, identifying industry segments, product development considerations, and current challenges and opportunities.

Outcome 3: Cannabis Extraction and Formulation

Upon successful completion of "Cannabis Product Development and Design II," students will have explored the art of cannabis extraction and formulation. They will demonstrate competence in creating cannabis-infused liquids, topical applications, edibles, and nanoemulsions. Learners will understand the regulatory aspects of packaging and labeling, ensuring compliance with specifications, labeling protocols, and packaging requirements.

Outcome 4: Cultivate Expertise in Product Design and Branding

Graduates of "Cannabis Product Development and Design II" will possess expertise in cannabis product design and branding. They will have the creative skills necessary to strike a balance between compliance and branding, ensuring their products meet regulatory standards while leaving a memorable impression in the marketplace.

Outcome 5: Excel in the Evolving Cannabis Industry

Throughout the program, learners will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the ever-evolving cannabis industry. They will be prepared to make valuable contributions to product development, design, and innovation, positioning themselves as great contributors in this dynamic field.

Additional Information

Upon completion of this program, you’ll earn a certificate of completion from the university and digital badge showcasing your skills.

UNM Staff, Faculty, and Retirees: This course is Tuition Remission eligible under Professional Development. To register using tuition remission, download and complete UNM's Tuition Remission form and email it to CERegistration@unm.edu


This course is offered in collaboration with our partner affiliate Green Flower.

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