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Take a yoga class remotely via video/audio so that you can practice from the safety and comfort of your own home. Classes from bundles purchased can be taken in-person at YOGASAAR studio, when in-person classes resume.

Current Yogasaar classes available as part of the bundle:

Yoga Level 1
This class welcomes beginners and explores the fundamentals of yoga poses correct body alignment & breathing techniques. All poses are offered with modifications to suit individual bodies and needs. A blend of Hatha, Vinyasa and yoga therapy. Essential teachings for ‘living your yoga’ are shared.
Friday 11:30am- 12:45pm (offered in studio or online via Zoom)
Saturday 9:15am - 10:15am

Yoga Mixed Level
This class is designed for the experienced beginner and level I students looking to build their practice , as well as the intermediate student of yoga. Poses are typically held longer and more variations of postures are introduced. A fusion of Hatha ,Vinyasa and Power yoga styles. Begins with an intention and closes with a short guided meditation. Some days Iyenger and restorative elements are added to the class flow.
Mon 5:45 - 7pm (offered only in studio)
Tues 5:45 - 7pm
Wed 5:45 - 7pm (offered only in studio)
Thurs 5:45- 7pm

Yoga Level 2-3
This class integrates challenging poses with essential yoga moves to build power, precision, insight and ease. Creative sequencing balances active dynamic movement with longer holding of poses to build both strength and flexibility in the body.This is a level 2-3 class that promises to inspire, motivate, unleash your inner power and leave you sweating while encouraging you to honor your own limits, practice with integrity and cultivate balance within the body-mind-heart. Each class sequence will demystify intermediate/advanced poses showing how to sequence and build up to them. Flow with courage, mindful awareness to your own needs, and dive into a deeper experience of all that yoga has to offer. A synthesis of Vinyasa, Power, Ashtanga, Iyengar & Sivananda yoga styles. Includes intermediate/advanced pranayama.
Sat 10:30am - 11:45am

Mindfulness Meditation
We live in a time when meditation & mindfulness are becoming widespread, teaching us tools for tapping into our capacity for authentic living, stronger relationships, fulfilling work, increased well-being and embracing our lives with loving presence. This class teaches a range of mindfulness practices and practical ways to bring mindfulness into your internal & external environment. Based in ‘Vipassana’ also called ‘Insight meditation’ this class offers an opportunity to practice meditationin which mindful breathing is used to develop both Samatha (a serene and concentrated mind) and Vipassana (Insightful seeing).
Tues 7:15-8pm
Thurs 7:15-8pm



This mindfulness intensive will share the 4 step RAIN meditation that lays out a path of straight forward, accessible practices grounded both in modern science and ancient wisdom. A simple but life changing practice to bring presence and compassion to any moment of struggle, transforming our pain into healing. RAIN nourishes the inner resources that allow us to live true to ourself and to actively care for ourselves as well as others.

March 21st Sunday 10-1pm Yogasaar Studio - UNM/Nob Hill APARNA LEVINE


Can you imagine holding the life inside you - including your fears, anger and hurt - with genuine presence and care? Self compassion is the grounds for all emotional healing and this intensive will offer a road map for systematically awakening compassion when we need it the most - in the thick of daily life, when we are stressed, anxious, angry, terrified or numb and cut off from our heart.

June 20th Sunday 10-1pm Yogasaar Studio - UNM/Nob Hill APARNA LEVINE

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Classes offered online currently and in-person beginning July 1, 2021. Once student registers, Yogasaar will provide Zoom Session information. Class expiration is 10 weeks from purchase. Please contact: YOGASAAR at 505-227-7765 or aparna@livingyouryoga.org for your Zoom link and with any questions.
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