Course Overview

This course is designed to help educators with the “now what” part of teaching mathematics by asking questions to discover what students know and what they don’t understand so the teacher can effectively intervene in students' understanding of content and procedures. The course will challenge educators to THINK and practice some new skills focused on the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. The course will model a learner-centered approach to instruction by demonstrating how engaging lesson design might look.

What You'll Learn

Participants will discover and practice new skills in order to become a power user of questions in K-12 math classes to improve math results and improve their skills as facilitators of learning.

The course guides the learner in “hands on” and “minds on” skill building in effective techniques on the art and practice of “questioning” tied directly to the Algebraic Thinking Standards. Each participant will engage in the construction of their own questions that can be used for powerful learning design and delivery. The course models a learner-centered approach to instruction, demonstrates how to blend technology into lesson design, and models how a viable curriculum can look in the written, the taught, and the assessed paradigm.

Who Should Attend

The course meets the needs of PreK-12 teachers and administrators, the higher education community preparing teachers and administrators, as well as non-licensed individuals whose interests are in adult education, professional learning, or non-traditional education settings. Each participant will expand their own mastery of using questions to facilitate the learning of their students in Algebraic Thinking.

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  • Sheila Hyde
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This is an online self-paced course and you will have 180 days to complete, after your enrollment.

This course is offered through UNM College of Education & Human Sciences.

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