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There's a saying that the herb tea you drink or the herbal bath you take heals you more than once if you have grown the herbs yourself. Whether you have a big backyard or just a small balcony, you can grow the herbs you need to help maintain health and well-being. In this class you receive a wide range of herbal information. Discover the good weeds" and local herbs, identify what you want to grow, and get information on sources for seeds, roots and gardening help, books and catalogs. See examples in the instructor's herbal garden and learn how to create your own.

Katherine White is a retired RN, a Certified Clinical Herbalist, a graduate of Tieraona Low Dog's 'Foundations in Herbal Medicine' course, and a gardener.

What You'll Learn

  • Learn about local herbs and the "good weeds" New Mexico has to offer
  • Identify the herbs you might want to grow and how to get started
  • Discover various herbs that can be grown that are helpful to health and well-being.

Who Should Attend

Thinking about creating your own herb garden, but not sure what you want to grow or where to start... come join us for this informative and educational class experience!

Additional Information

This class is held at a private Northeast Heights residence. Location will be provided on registration.
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9:00AM to 1:00PM
Aug 03, 2024
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Jul 31, 2024
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Jul 31, 2024
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