Course Overview

No One Taught You How To Run A Consulting Business …But That’s About To Change

Most consultants are in their field by entering through some other channel. We lack formal training & a plan for being a solopreneur, plus mental challenges.

Live your life as a consultant with a business that’s prosperous, charging what you're worth, and eliminating the foot-dragging that has held you back. Targeting this specifically to the needs and barriers of women in business, this course gives you a well-rounded approach to getting it up and running or taking your current business up a notch, with basics, templates, and challenges to define the business you’ve been longing for.

This course is a series of tailored, online sessions where you will spend time on all key aspects of a consulting or coaching business, with special emphasis on networking and the consultative sales process. Homework activities include actual tasks that move your business forward, like culling contacts and practicing your sales approach with prospects. The format is perfect for holding yourself accountable in a caring way.

Your walkaway: everything you need to run a legitimate consulting business now.

You'll quickly find the excitement and inspiration for your transition into the life of a consultant and the path to get there with grace and self-confidence.

A note from the instructor

What You'll Learn

Tools for Entrepreneurial Women Consultants

This leadership training course provides a host of tools and support that will help you:

  • Manage your business using a structured three-pronged process 
  • Build your momentum in creating your business — so you start making money sooner
  • Assess your portfolio services as well as their marketability, so you know where to find the best prospects
  • Build your brand, understand your competitive edge and leverage your authentic personality when connecting with prospects and clients
  • Develop a network of other women who can support you moving forward
  • Receive expert advice

Lesson Topics: Starting a Small Business

Course topics cover the key aspects of starting a small business. Lessons include:

  • Focus, but Don’t Forget to Dream: Assessments and business definitions
  • Building a Solid Portfolio: Your strengths and growth areas
  • Your Brand of Consulting: Communities for building your brand
  • Marketing and Networking Successfully: Outreach and exposure
  • Effective Administration, Dull Yet Critical: A business’s administrative functions
  • The Consultative Sales Process, Part 1: Attracting ideal clients
  • The Consultative Sales Process, Part 2: Developing trusted partnerships
  • A Support Structure That Motivates You and Creates Recurring Business: Retainers and confidence-building techniques

Who Should Attend

Current female consultants and those building prospective consulting businesses. The ideal audience is women that are considering going out on their own (ergo the “time to fly”) with their expertise area and turning it into a self-owned business. This is also a great fit for existing self-owned consulting businesses that are stuck and need a boost.

Professional Coaches will also find this to be of great value if you want to run your coaching business in a similar professional fashion.

Additional Information

Complete Training at Your Pace

You can complete this course at any time and finish it as your time permits, within 180 days of starting. You must complete all lessons to earn your digital badge certifying course completion.

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This is a self paced class and will have 180 days after enrollment to complete this course.

This course is offered through Anderson School of Management.

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