Course Overview

The course examines how blockchain technology - and specifically the tokenization of real assets - will overhaul the existing infrastructure of the financial services industry to increase efficiency, transparency, and security.  Security tokens are the next major milestone in this exciting digital revolution. Put simply, tokens offer investors a digitized form of a traditional ownership certificate. They provide title to a regulated financial instrument combined with the agility and speed of blockchain. As a result, tokens are inherently more easily transferable and offer more features than paper alternatives. This course explains how this advancement will impact traditional assets like stocks, real estate, bonds, intellectual property, and derivatives. 

What You'll Learn

In this Master Series course, learners will learn the following:

  • Analyze how blockchain is changing the financial industry for the better
  • Establish a clear understanding of what digital assets are
  • Describe various types of tokens that can be used in the financial industry
  • Discuss digital currencies and payments
  • Comprehensively identify what ‘DeFi’ is and how it will shape the future of financing

Who Should Attend

  • Higher Education students who are majoring in Finance and Economics.

  • People interested in the use cases behind blockchain technology

  • Financial professionals looking to explore how blockchain will affect their industry and clientele

  • Entrepreneurs and promoters looking to raise capital in new, highly efficient ways

Additional Information

The comprehensive; asynchronous course includes learning modules; videos; assessments; a hands-on lab and is eligible for certifications once all of the requirements are completed. 

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