Course Overview

As teachers are preparing for a new class year, it’s clear that this year could be another very unique experience for both teachers and students. Due to the pandemic, many students will be returning to the classroom after a long period of remote learning. Managing the classroom my be more challenging than ever as as students adjust to this change. This work shop provides strategies that might help teachers as they face this challenge.

This professional development workshop will cover a variety of classroom management strategies accompanied with specific interventions that can used to address student misbehavior. The workshop is comprised of 4 modules including an overview to the Love and Logic concept, theory on the management model presented and specific strategies a teacher can use to effectively manage student behavior.

This workshop is self paced. Participants will receive a certificate of completion and 1.0 CEU’s. the participant to work at their own pace. Discussion boards are included for participants to correspond with other participants if interested.

What You'll Learn

  • Learn aspects of theory, principles and interventions for a model to either introduce, enhance or replace existing management practices.
  • reate low-stress classroom environments
  • Lean tco end student arguing and back talk
  • Spend less time disciplining and more time teaching

Who Should Attend

Those in teacher preparation programs, current or past practicing educators, individuals working in child/adolescent supervision environments.
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Classroom Management: Teaching with Love and Logic
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