Course Overview

A Standardized-Test Prep Course that covers both the ACT and SAT, with individual counseling for each student as to which test to focus on in order to achieve higher scores. Students will be ready for the December standardized tests, although it is recommended that Juniors do a little more post-course practice and register for the March/April/May tests.

What You'll Learn

1. Have a better understanding of where testing fits into the college application process.
2. An idea of whether the SAT or ACT is a better fit for them based on their individual strengths and weaknesses. This helps students improve the scores they submit to colleges in a time-efficient manner.
3. Have an indicator of their likely standardized test score range to use as an aid in choosing to which colleges to apply.
4. Have increased their test scores.
5. Have a plan to further increase test scores post-course. 
6. Tactical strategies to answer questions quickly and accurately.
7. Familiarity with the framing of questions in each test.

Who Should Attend

The Fall course will be appropriate for the following groups of students:
• juniors who are planning to take their first official ACT or SAT standardized tests in the second semester of their junior year;
• seniors who are trying to boost their test scores by retaking tests in December of their senior year;
• seniors who have not yet taken their standardized tests, but have now discovered these are required/preferable for college applications or college scholarships, AND the deadlines for test submission are post mid-December.

Additional Information

The students are responsible for the textbook. The Textbook information is following:

The Official ACT Prep Guide 2022-2023

ISBN-13: 978-1119865902

ISBN-10: 1119865905


The students at which this course will be best for those students who have prior test scores (PSAT, PreACT, ACT or SAT) in the 35th to 80th percentile range, which equates to ACT/PreACT scores between 17 and 25, or PSAT/SAT scores between 970 and 1220. Any students below that level will battle to keep up with the program. Students above that level are welcome to attend the course, but need to understand that they will gain from the course, but some of the material may be a little easy for them.
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