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What is an F-stop? Should I shoot in JPEG or RAW? If you have a digital camera and have questions about how to use it, this class is for you. You’ll become more familiar with your camera and learn how to make better quality images.

This class consists of three instructional sessions plus a group field trip to a local (ABQ) location for hands-on photography practice.

The first session will cover the basics of how your camera works (including things such as shutter speed, aperture value, and ISO), and how to use those settings and other techniques to get good exposures. There will be a “homework” assignment to practice what you have learned in the first class.

The second session will review the results of the homework assignment, with an emphasis on understanding camera settings and a bit of aesthetic critique. In addition, we will explain the concept of “composition” and will provide photographic techniques and strategies for making stronger and more effective images.

On the Saturday after the second session, the class will make a field trip to a local Albuquerque outdoor location – probably a cemetery – to practice the photographic techniques and strategies that were presented in the second class. For students outside the Albuquerque area, the instructor will consult with each student to select an appropriate location in the student's vicinity for the student to visit for their field trip.

The third and final class session will review the results of the field trip shoot, then will focus on the topics of photographic “vision,” creativity, and inspiration.

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This class is eligible for Tuition Remission under Personal Enrichment.

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Digital Camera Basics Live Online
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Dec 11, 2021
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