Course Overview

Do you often feel fatigued in the middle or before the end of your day? RelaXercise sessions will assist you in learning how to decrease unwanted stress and renew yourself with positive, calm energy. RelaXercise combines exercise for strength and flexibility, in coordination with full-body breathing techniques and relaxation methods to facilitate stress reduction; efficient, easy movement, renewal of positive energy and body-mind integration (mindfulness).Learn to use your natural breathing patterns to facilitate movement without pain and extra effort. Positive outcomes include total body conditioning, improved balance and mobility, body mind integration and injury prevention. Students can work at their own pace. Become strong and stretched and renew your energy.

What You'll Learn

  • Centering and affirmation exercises to unite, clear and relax body and mind
  • Full-body breathing exercises using your natural breathing patterns to support your body’s movement and improve balance
  • Stretching and strengthening to reach and tone all the muscle groups
  • Spreading out ‘the workload’ throughout the body so you have more energy, movement without pain, using no ‘extra’ effort
  • Relaxation to calm the nervous system, renew and process all the bodywork

Who Should Attend

All ages and fitness levels can benefit from this class as well as anyone seeking to manage their stress better or recovering from an injury.

Additional Information

This class is eligible for Tuition Remission under Health and Fitness.

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