Course Overview

Students will learn the basic techniques of watercolor (e.g., wet on wet, dry brush, mixing colors on the palette as well as on through paper tilting). Techniques will be taught through demos and fun exercises that help students learn to play with the colors and enjoy the beautiful accidents that only watercolors can make. Techniques will be applied to nature subjects drawn from the NM landscape. The instructor uses an unconventional approach that stresses building skill in fun ways while staying loose. Students will receive individual mentoring, as well be invited to join in gentle, positive group feedback sessions.

What You'll Learn

Participants will learn basic watercolor techniques through fun exercises and demos.
  • Learn wet on wet, wet on dry, dry brush,
  • Learn how to creating hard edge and soft edge color on paper
  • Learn to control amount of water and pigment.
  • Learn to mix colors on palette or on paper thru tilting or glazing
  • Learn to apply techniques to nature subjects from the New Mexico landscape
  • Have fun playing with paint, water and color

Who Should Attend

This course is appropriate for brand new beginners as well as those returning to watercolor to brush up their skills.

Additional Information

Materials List

Watercolor Pigment: Basic 5

For this class I emphasize the most basic transparent and vibrant six hues I have found and use regularly with good results. (They are very transparent, less likely to make mud.) (Avoid Cadiums) Preferred Brands: Winsor Newton is great but Student grade brands (good quality, affordable) in tubes are fine. They include the following….

Cotman and Van Gogh followed by Da Vinci and American Journey. I especially like Van Gogh. Start with the small .5 ml tubes if you like.

Basic 5

Yellow: auerolian yellow ( winsor newton) OR lemon yellow/gamboge (cotman or van Gogh)

Red, rose madder or alizarine crimson (cotman) or matter lake deep (Van Gogh) alizarine preffered. (no cadiums)

Blue, Colbalt (Van Gogh or Cotman)

Green sap green, (any of the above brands)

Orange vermillion (Van Gogh or Cotman)

Great additional colors, if you can afford them.

Blue: Cuerrilian Blue and/or Ultramarine blue and Indigo ( any of the above brands)

Violet (Will show in class)

Sources: Order from Cheap Joes or Blicks who will frequently have sales and their products are discounted. Or locally, Artisans will definitely carry these since I ordered them and you get a 10% discount. Michaels or Hobby Lobby may carry Cotman. Their own line of tubes (Reese )are not very good.


Two or three good size brushes, are better than pack of many little brushes.

Start with two round pointed brushes. Size 9, 12 and 14 AND one flat brush, size 8 or 9. Simply Simmons from Artisans or their equivalent substitute .

Paper: Very important

You will need at least one sheet of arches 140lb cold press paper. You can buy a full sheet at Artisans and then tear into smaller sizes. (roughly 6 dollars)


You need a white plastic palette and cover that contains at least 6-9 wells to store paint in and a flat surface to mix paint on. I use a large one with a cover. ( 13 in. by 9in,) You need at least 9 inches or so wide. Check Michaels or Hobby Lobby or order from sources mentioned above.

Misc. Small spray bottle, tissues, container for water.

This class is eligible for Tuition Remission under Personal Enrichment.

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