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The heart as the seat of empathy and love is well-documented in literature. Medical science tells us how to keep our heart healthy. Now, neurophysiology and neuro-cardiology research presents a new picture of how the heart integrates mind and body. The heart’s “intelligence” affects our feelings, sense of well-being, and immune systems.

We will discuss heart/brain communication, how the heart impacts resilience, stress and emotions, the concept of coherence, the role of the heart in intuition, and how the heart affects all our organs and even the people (and pets!) in our environment. It turns out the heart has a mind of its own!

You will learn simple techniques to bring your physical, mental and emotional systems into alignment with the heart’s intuitive guidance. Includes guidance and practice on journaling for stress relief and integrating our biological and emotional systems. Resources for further investigation will be provided.


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The Wisdom of the Heart: Science, the Human Heart and Performance Live Online
Live Online
4:00PM to 6:00PM
Jul 07, 2021 to Jul 28, 2021
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Jul 04, 2021
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Jul 04, 2021
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