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The heart as the seat of empathy and love is well-documented in literature. Medical science tells us how to keep our heart healthy and fit.  New research reveals a picture of how the physical heart integrates mind and body, intellect and emotions. The heart’s “intelligence” affects our feelings, sense of well-being, and immune systems.

Heart intelligence is an important component of intuition, decision-making and creativity. When we make choices based on rapid, non-conscious associations, our intuitive intelligence is operating. Intuition finds creative solutions for life choices and is the stimulus for producing creative work.

We will discuss heart/brain communication, resilience, stress and emotions, the role of the heart in intuition, and how the heart affects all our organs and even the people (and pets!) in the environment. It turns out the heart has a mind of its own!

You will learn simple techniques to bring your physical, mental, and emotional systems into alignment with the heart’s intuitive guidance.

Journaling methods will show you how to explore more creative ways to meet life’s challenges and find and express your authentic voice.



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4:00PM to 6:00PM
Sep 06, 2023 to Sep 27, 2023
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