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The cultural and artistic birth of the Italian Renaissance (1400-1500) originated in Florence. This period in art is also referred to as il Quattrocento. Why did this phenomenon happen in Florence and not in any other city in Europe? We'll explore the first half of 15th Century Florence and begin with important Florentine innovations in the centuries prior, that set the stage for the Renaissance. The bulk of the course will examine the intellectual and artistic innovations from 1400 to the 1450s, including the critical role of the humanists and of the groundbreaking artists, sculptors, and architects. Designed to stimulate curiosity and aid future travels, participants will come away with an increased understanding of the artistic and intellectual movements of the early Renaissance.


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The Splendor of the Florentine Renaissance Live Online
Live Online
11:00AM to 12:30PM
Jun 08, 2021 to Jun 29, 2021
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